Havířská Bouda (Hewer's Hut) - Observation Tower with Restaurant

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A little bit of History...

Until recently, the panorama of Kutná Hora was characteristic only by proud silhouette of three tower of Saint Barbara's Church. Nowadays, only just under 1 kilometer from Sedlec's Ossuary, there is another dominant outlined above the town – the observation tower on the Kaňk hill, which was earlier called Špimberk. Kaňk hill (352m) has been protruded above the surrounding landscape from everlasting. At first as an island washed by the surrounding sea in the Mesozoic era. The sea left there still apparent surf reefs, which fascinates by combination of massive rounded boulders and layers of eroded Cretaceous sediments with loads of fossils of ancient marine animals. After all, this locality (not far from Havířská Bouda) is protected natural heritage since the year 1933. Medieval mining activity, silver mining and later on zinc and lead mining (till 1991), left depressions and mouths of old drifts on the Kaňk hill. Gang, meaning mine corridor in German, also gave Kaňk its name... History has always been passing through this place, sometimes very sad indeed. In 1419, by Hussites still unconquered miners town, let throw Utraquists who were captured by Catholic soldiers into the abandoned shafts. In 1496, there was a miners's rebellion at the same place which was bloodily put down. These events are reminded till these days by memorial not far distant which was built in this area. Not only in Krkonoše, as Otto's encyclopedia says, but also in Kutná Hora's area was some long time ago possible to find a hut which was offering refreshments and some rest to exhausted trippers. Kaňk hill has been always popular target for hiking trips. „Kutnohorská výletní restaurace na vrchách Kaňkovských (Kutná Hora's tourist restaurant on Kaňk hills)“ was destroyed by fire in 1912, but the pub in the forest above Sedlec called „Hájovna (Gamekeeper's lodge)“, can be still remembered in operation by some people. In this tradition nowadays continues the tourist restauration Havířská Bouda, which in combination with observation tower and pension offers you really unconventional experiences and it is ready to satisfy your wishes as possible... We look forward to Your visit! Restaurant and Pension Renewed tourist restaurant Havířská Bouda continues in tradition which started a long time ago. Visitors can find here not only stylish interior and delicious cuisine, but in their special occasions, they can also try an atmosphere of luxury romantic dinner high above lightened town in the evening outlook restaurant in the top of the observation tower. Exercise lovers will be surely delighted by bicycle rental service, gradually there will be added a children playground, petting zoo and mining corner for children of all age. Havířská Bouda restaurant with all season operation, offers menu carefully compiled of selected specialities of Czech and international cuisine, except popular meals á la minute, during a lunch time it is possible to choose one of the preprepared meals. Inside stylish interior with carved mahogany panelling and with open fireplace, there are 45 sitting places available, saloon room has a capacity of 20 people. Another 40 people can relax on terrace. We will gladly arrange here your wedding, graduation, birthday or another celebration or party, but also occupational training or company parties. There is also accommodation on very solid level available in newly arranged pension with five double-bedded rooms. For newly married couples or other demanding clients there is in addition one above-standard large family suite available.

We look forward to Your visit!